Velkommen til Vøringfossen - Welcome to Voringfossen

Norways most famous waterfall

Vi beklager at Vøringfossen og dette unike  uberørte  området  er skjemmet med skremmende stålbro,   bunkersaktige bygg  og betongveier.

De som administrerer dette er den Norske statens Vegvesen  avd. Nasjonale Turistveger.

Dessverre har disse nå overtatt området.

Nettstedet vil stå uberørt i overskuelt fremtid.




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Concrete, steel is the high  and holy wish from our governments people.

Massive wounds in nature.

Nasjonale Turistveger in Norway do not like pure clean nature.

They want concrete and steel and their name in a magazine.

Its is already destroyed

and our governments bureaucrates say:

It is not a wish that any private will run some kind of business here.

Just ask them how many milllions they have used for planning and throwing away plans (at least 40) and for building 490 mill NOK.

NO emplyees in the area.

They paid a low price for the cafeteria, the rest is nothing worth for tourism or visitors or local people anymore. No payment.

They changed the way to use the area by the river - and paid 1 krone a square metre, NOK 3000 for 3000 sqare metres - thats all.

That was the area we wanted a silversmith and a small troll senter under earth.